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    Default Can Lp colour shifting darken base colours?

    As per title.
    Found out Diva's chestnut based today...she's ee. (Explains her sass, she's a chestnut mare lol!)
    The sire of both her foals was a palomino PBA. So was also homozygous for recessive extension.
    Yet both babies had brown/black spots, but I thought spots were the colour of an individual's base colour?
    Is this the result of appaloosa colour shifting? There was a piece on equine tapestry about it but only black and bay horses were mentioned, and they were all lightened...I'm really confused now as Diva's foals were both chestnut based. Unless VGL is wrong but I really doubt that!?

    (For interest's sake, she's also heterozygous for agouti. And Rosie, my New Forest, is homozygous for nd1, negative for dun, and also heterozygous for agouti.)
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    Default Re: Can Lp colour shifting darken base colours?

    I'm not sure about colour shifting, as LP, varnish etc are not my area of expertise, but if her foals were phenotypically liver or very dark chestnut (some can appear almost black), I imagine the spots could easily look dark brown.


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