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    Iím 15 and a responsible and competent rider. I currently part loan a pony but Iím looking for something more, although I donít want to buy.
    The problem with full loan is my parents arnt horsey, yes I have enough experience but I know some owners might see 15, and automatically think irresponsible or novice etc.
    My question is; would you loan YOUR horse to a 15 year old if you know theyíll be on their own (although there will probably be people at the yard) and do you think they are responsible enough?

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    Your parents don't need to be horsey, but they DO need to be committed to supporting you, financially and with their time, they DO need to understand - and show an owner they understand - just what sort of a commitment you're all taking on, and they DO need to insist that you have experienced help on hand in the form of a YO or an instructor or both.

    Your parents will be responsible for the loan purely because of your age. I'd loan to a 15 year old if they had the right support in place - which doesn't mean horsey parents, but does mean the parents have to be involved.

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    It is very hard to answer without knowing you personally.

    I would consider full loan to someone in your situation if I had known them for some time and had seen how they were with the part loan. If someone in your position responded to an ad for a loan with no previous personal contact I think I would say no.

    Maybe look for a loan through personal contacts, and maybe ask the person you part loan from if they can give you a "reference".

    Good luck

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    I would -but only with a lot of conditions about where the horse is kept, good contact with the YO so I know things are OK and a requirement about instruction or Pony Club.

    I know loads of 15 year olds who are really good quality sensible competent folk I would trust with my horse. And having known them I also know that they go off the rails occasionally. That is part of growing up - but it makes sense to have a safety net in place for the horse.

    At 15 you cannot legally own an animal, nor can you sign the contract to loan one so you do need your parent's support in that respect - even if you don't expect them to muck out etc.

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    I agree that your parents don't need to be horsey, but they do need to be informed and committed.

    Have you researched a place to keep the horse, costed up expenses(including feed, insurance, shoeing, vaccinations, travel), factored in lessons? I know when I wanted a horse at age 13 I did that, visited yards etc and so had a range of options to show I was serious and mature.

    Once I had my proposal in writing I resented it to my mother so she had something to work with.

    As an owner if a 15yo called out of the blue i would be dubious, but if he/she explained that they had part loaned a horse already, knew the costs and commitment, had organised stabling etc, planned lessons, and I could meet with their parents so they could agree a loan agreement then I would be open to meet.

    I would start with the BHS loan agreement to see how many loans are arranged, it will make you look more professional in your outlook.


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