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    Default British Showjumping Membership - Confused!

    I may be being a bit dim but I can't make sense of this guide to membership?

    Club Membership says it's suitable if you jump 70-100cm and is only 30 a year. But how is this better than just jumping unaffiliated if you can't qualify or win prize money.

    The list of National Membership Fees seems to bear no relation to the text bit on National Membership which says starts at 54 per annum and allows you to win prize money and qualify for certain championships. Which category of membership is that?

    I want to try and qualify for 2nd rounds etc and won't be jumping over 100cm this season.


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    Default Re: British Showjumping Membership - Confused!

    Are you a senior or a junior?

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    Default Re: British Showjumping Membership - Confused!

    Thanks for reply. Senior and a member of a British Riding Club if that makes any difference. Riding a horse who has never been registered before.

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    Default Re: British Showjumping Membership - Confused!

    Club classes are few and far between in many areas but there is a league and I think a final.
    As a RC member simplest is to do the reduced membership for yourself and horse which comes in at 136 total, and you can do this for 2 years. You just need to send them a copy of your membership card along with other forms: New member + new horse:
    Pony Club / Riding Club Full Jumping Package
    1 Full Jumping Member
    1 Grade C Horse

    1st year - 136.00
    2nd year - 136.00
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