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    Default Re: New horse and loss of confidence

    Quote Originally Posted by saz2 View Post
    Ok he can keep his fast fibre then and i will find a plain chaff.
    My mare who was very reactive to feeds was fed on Fast Fibre and Top Spec top chop lite, virtually no sugar in either!

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    Default Re: New horse and loss of confidence

    I'm new horse mum too!!!! Congratulations and sorry to hear it's not going smoothly.

    For my gelding I researched loads to find a decent mollassess and alfalfa free chop with no added nasties. I settled on Honeychop Lite and Healthy as he is a good doer who holds his weight well. I feed nothing else with it other than his herbs/vits/mineral concoction, couple of carrots and dampen down. If you need more calories/omega's, you could always add linseed for condition??? He gets adlib hay and all day turn out. So far so good. I also made a point on his arrival to put a weigh tape on him so I can gage weight gain and loss.

    Settling in wise, I've been very clear with him what I find acceptable and what I don't. I expect him to step back and give me space when I enter the stable. I put his head collar on and wait with the door open for a few moments before leading him out so he never gets into his head to rush out. I tie him up at the moment to change rugs etc, because I can't stand horses walking around the stable while you're trying to clip on leg straps! If I tie him up from day one, he's learnt that standing still is what I want from him. Riding, I get on and we stand still, so he learns to stay put while I'm sorting my stirrups, girth. I think all these little things add up to make well mannered horse who knows exactly what is expected of them, and my gelding seems to have taken confidence from this. I also established his routine from the outset.

    I think groundwork is an excellent way of developing a positive relationship with a horse, and it's something I intend to do with my instructor supervising.

    Other than that, deep breaths, be calm and take little steps, which works for me. If you're not happy to hack out at the mo, then don't put that pressure on yourself. Ride in a field or the school if you have one. Do 20 min sessions and end on a positive note.

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    Echo what the others have said, but also picking up on what someone said, I had the sweetest mare, who was an angel, but give her a mouthful of haylage and she turned into Satan! If he doesn’t need feed then don’t give him any?

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    loads of great advice here but I'd add that you need to feel you can admit you're not feeling confident. I have a few friends to hack with and they know I can be a bit wobbly (they don't care because they know my horse is perfect despite my worries) they keep me talking, make me laugh and relax so we have a good time, and they gently push me ever so slightly so everytime I get a bit better (eg making me ride in front for a stretch of road and be proud of the way he pricks his ears up and strides on in front, not terrified by it)

    Last week I did the farm ride for the first time. I was shaking like a leaf from start to finish but had the biggest smile at the end. At the first trot (in an open field) he offered canter but quickly came back with no panic - I was leaning a bit far forward thanks to my nerves, and he really listens to the seat.
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