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    Question Snowy weekend plans....?

    Anyone got any?!

    I was supposed to be at Summerhouse Regionals tomorrow and writing for the Ele freestyles on Sat.
    After an anxious couple of days poring over the hourly weather forecast and dreaming up a helicopter ride for Kira to the venue, they've postponed to next week

    So a few days of struggling around with frozen water buckets and terrible roads instead. If things perk up then Salty will have arena hire on Sunday

    Stay safe everyone

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    my clinic has been cancelled. Tbh I'm a bit relieved because the pony has done barely anything all week and I just end up apologising for her stiffness.

    About to fill every flask in the house with hot water so I can persuade the yard tap to start working!

    Apparently its the first day of Spring - enjoy!

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    I was meant to be going to camp. No idea what I will do instead. Nothing, probably!

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    I was supposed to be heading to arena hire tomorrow but cancelled that! Hopefully having a grid work session in a nearby indoor school on Sunday morning...fingers crossed..!

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    Haha, i passed west Midlands safari Park yesterday and they have a banner sign up saying "Spring 2018 is Coming". I admire their conviction.

    Glad they've postponed your regionals MP.
    I have no plans. Let's see what the weather brings

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    I am supposed to be at a event jump clinic this Saturday, but have a feeling will be postponed as the venue have just postponed BD regionals for today and tomorrow due to weather .... had a lesson booked for Sunday, which might go ahead, so we shall see!

    In the meantime I will be mostly boiling water, defosting yard taps, filling water buckets and mucking out :-)

    Stay safe and warm everyone !

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    Big fat nothing for me! I'd like to be able to just get out and ride at the weekend. Not left the house in 2 days thanks, Beast!

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    Was going to sj trainers on Sunday for a clear round coaching session, but yesterday I cancelled as haven't ridden since Saturday. He's now cancelled it anyway.
    Growing old disgracefully.......VERY disgracefully

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    I’ve decided now is a very sensible time to give my boy a week off, especially as it was on a good note - after a tricky Summerhouse he went to another show last week and behaved impeccably, so big ‘phew’ all round.

    I’m just mega gutted as we had a girls weekend away planned with a catered house rented for a 40th birthday. Unfortunately cancelled

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    Default Re: Snowy weekend plans....?

    Plans are to play in the snow not sure the horses are as thrilled with the snow...


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