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    Default Where to have lessons in herts

    I had 3x fractured spine & ruptured discs horse stumbled whilst I was having a lesson doing half pass in canter, this was 14 months ago
    Have not ridden since

    Anywhere recommended in herts?
    I am also a para rider,

    Had previously tried contessa
    Instructor told me to smack the horse which I did & the horse threw me so not keen on going there

    Don't have my own horse at the moment

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Where to have lessons in herts

    Hallingbury Hall just over the border in essex do lessons, I did my BHS there years ago x

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    Default Re: Where to have lessons in herts

    Hmm I'd say contessa generally gets good recommendations but seems like it didn't work for you. Is South Medburn still open? Gillian's riding school. Oaklands - but a friend of mine came a cropper there recently on a green horse, so perhaps not! Coltspring riding school.
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    Default Re: Where to have lessons in herts

    I’d recommend LK Sport Horse, it’s located at Hamberlins farm, in Berkhamsted. It’s a livery yard but the yard owner does some very good lessons! He was ranked 14th in the country so he really knows his stuff. He’s very into different types of riding so I’m sure it would be perfect for you!


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