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    Quote Originally Posted by fetlock View Post
    I've so enjoyed following your search for a horse, and hearing about the differences (and OMG the prices) between the UK and USA, and following Cudo's epic journey over to you too.

    I'm just a few miles from where you found Cudo - what a lovely horse he is- I'm so looking forward to seeing how you do with him once you'e competing, and generally, and wish you every success with him.
    Awww that's so kind. Thank you, truly.

    We're going to be a bit delayed from showing as of all things, the day after Cudo arrived at the barn there was a normal pony club lesson where there are horses shipped in, to our indoor (never set foot in the barn). Well unfortunately one of those horses came from a barn where another horse in the barn came down with EHV1 (the herpes virus) after that. Now, the sick horse and the lesson horse have never interacted, never been stabled near one another, never turned out near one another. That said, we are all locked down. So Cudo is going nowhere until everyone says we're clear to move about the region safely again. The pluses are that Cudo is vaccinated, has had normal temperatures and is thriving all around. If anything it reminds me to take my time and build our relationship in the peace and quiet of home and set out showing when we're together and more prepared. That said as he's been a bit spooky I'm just wishing to be able to go to a few other farms and let him see things and hopefully get the shock and awe of American jumps, rings and different settings down a few notches. But that can wait.

    He's getting shod for the first time here today. We're going to try to very carefully start to give him some heel support as his current shoes are setup with his heels dangling off in space. Now we all recognize that he's sound with these and we don't want to do any massive changes.... just slight tweaks that should help him going forward. Fingers crossed that it helps.

    I have a dressage lesson scheduled for next Thursday so that should be fun. And tomorrow I am going to the clinic I was supposed to be riding in with my old coach, Jimmy Wofford, and I will help set fences for a few hours and bring the lessons home to Cudo. No surprise, I sent Jimmy the videos of Cudo and he really likes him. So that's pretty cool.


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    Default Re: Cudo's continuing adventures in America

    What made me smile was in this metric age all the jump heights in that schedule are in good old feet and inches, loving this journey

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    Default Re: Cudo's continuing adventures in America

    He is one seriously nice horse. Wishing you both a fun and successful journey together. It’s lovely seeing your updates and the differences over the pond.

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    So we had a snow day here today. Roughly 6-8" in our area. So John and I didn't have to go to work so eventually we made our way to the barn. Thanks to the great design of the barn (Built by a dressage couple from Denmark) the indoor is attached to the barn. So it was easy to ride....once we got him in from the field. That was heavy trekking in wind blown piles of up to 12".

    So today we worked on more trotting of jumps and using small fences to work on consistency and and give me time (and a hubby shooting videos) to work on my position issues.

    The video is here:

    Still pics to come but I will share those too once I get them online.

    It's coming together and he's just a lovely guy. Even if I did fall off yesterday thanks to a loose girth. (UGH)


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    Link to still pics.

    Very thankful to my awesome photographer hubby!


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    Default Re: Cudo's continuing adventures in America

    He looks great, very calm and relaxed over those fences. I still love him! Fantastic photos too


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