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    just move and find somewhere you want to be. life is far too short and horses should be fun. we love having them and they also cost us a large fortune you can't put up with hassle. good luck
    >This> Never be on a yard where you are unhappy. Like Claret 09 says above, life's too short. Sometimes you are forced to move for reasons out of your control, and you might not want to but if your horse is unhappy or in danger or you feel stressed everytime you go up the yard because, as in your situation, you have a horrible Y.O it can be horrific. I'm really lucky as I love my Y.O and thinks she is brilliant and has exhibited a side to her I always suspected she had but had never really shown to me following the death of my Dad and terrible health problems with my O/H. Besides which you owe it to your horse to be happy wherever you are because they will pick up on it otherwise.

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    Default Re: Working livery problems

    20 years ago my first horse was on a working livery, those responding above are right that you are subsidising the riding school. It is complicated and often feels safer but once you realise the horse is yours you will feel empowered to do what you need to do. I hogged my cob and the yard owner was furious and tried to make me feel as though I was abusing her horse, moved to a fab yard on a farm and have been there for 18 years! Still feels as though I was at the riding school for about 10 years as it had a psychological effect on me. I had ridden since I was 2 but never owned, first horse bught at 37!!


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