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    I'm doing Team Quest this year, mostly because I like being in a team (ex-hockey player) but I also thought it would be a good way to pick up qualification scores for the associated champs.
    What is the standard like? Most of my dressage has been at a small and lovely riding club although I did do BRC areas last year. Is it basically the same as proper affiliated, just in different jackets or is it lower?

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    I did My Quest last year. I would say the marking is a little more lenient then normal BD. I was scoring 63-68% at novice, and then when we went out to do normal affiliated we were getting 61-65% at novice bronze. The comments are definitely more positive and constructive at quest.
    It's a great atmosphere and you will have loads of fun

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    The standard will vary. You'll get classic RC bimblers (I am one and proud ) and you'll get proper affiliated types, whom all the RC bimbler types look sideways at and mutter under their breath about pot hunting Joking aside, the atmosphere is lovely and it definitely does the job of introducing more people to BD. It is really lovely to be part of a team.


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