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    Default No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    As I have mainly dull weekends at the moment I thought someone else might start it

    Ho hum, here we are again. What's everyone got planned?

    Salty is going to arena hire tomorrow afternoon and then some hacking. I will probably get K out to a long arena too over the weekend, I want to practice some long diagonals and she desperately needs to be wellied up centre lines to stop her anticipating the halts

    Lesson on Wednesday, might actually get video of that as I've got a friend tagging along

    Have fun everyone

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    I just figured this was your job on HHO? No?

    Skylla is off to do P18 and N27 on Sunday, time to see if the attitude is under wraps as last time at this venue some of the Kevin escaped mid test ...

    Topaz is off the regionals at Myerscough on Monday, hopefully we can keep going from last weekend!

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    This is getting as bad as who posted the Rocks and Sucks thread..... (full marks to anyone who remembers that! )

    Jensen has a flatwork clinic on Saturday and we are going arena Eventing - can’t wait probably I’ll fall off or something now.....

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    Prep & final run through of dressage tests on Saturday, ready for N30 & E49 on Sunday! Our first Elementary! Just an unaffiliated at a local-ish place. I think getting the warm up right will be the trickiest bit, TBH. We can do all the movements, just hope we have enough energy to get round

    Have fun at arena hire MP, I'm learning how troublesome anticipation can be so best of luck with not halting!

    AH, I'm looking forward to to your show reports next week, best of luck!

    Lev, am sure you'll be fine! Just relax and enjoy it, Jensen is a star, you'll have loads of fun

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    Have fun everyone!

    I'm off to arena eventing on Saturday. Rather dreading it actually, the last time we went to this venue (December) we got eliminated in both classes, Henry wouldn't go near half the jumps and I fell off! Was not a good day and there might have been some tears involved afterwards... BUT try, try and try again! And try again we will! We're doing 70cm and 80cm, the same as last time, which I know he is capable of he just hates this venue. But I'm hoping that with a new jumping strategy we've been trying, and the confidence he's gained in the last few outings, we might at least make it over all the fences!

    Am also planning on trying out some of the noise cancelling ears to see if they help, as he is quite reactive to noises when he can't see the source, and I feel that the sound magnification/echo in an indoor arena might be adding to his problems...

    Some stars shine so brightly that they can't shine for long: RIP Rosie 2004-2016

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    Rara is sending me for hanging off the back training... on my own

    Apparently it should be helpful, I am not sure if that means I'm doing a rubbish job or as I likely suspect it is about to get a whole lot more technical

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    Have fun everyone! Good luck at your first Ele Embo, we did E49 last week and the video is up on the old weekend thread if you fancy watching how a short-legged Spaniard got round it

    I may have a jump lesson on Pocholo on Saturday, after all the dressage-ing I feel he deserves some fun! Then a BD test riding clinic with a list 1 judge on Sunday - I'm taking Indio to do E53. I desperately need test riding help so I hope it'll be useful! I also need to start getting Pocholo out for longer hacks as we're doing 70 miles around the Peak District in June (plus it'll help get his belly down while the Spring grass starts coming through...).

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    I'd love to participate but currently grounded and probably will be a for a good few months yet
    Love a lot, trust a few, but always paddle your own canoe...


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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    I will spend the weekend trying to calm little mare down. Since our arena xc training last Sunday (at which she was a superstar) she has been completely wired! Coupled with the cold weather we've had this week and riding early mornings due to my work times and her very quick reactions, I have had several 'interesting' schooling sessions this week I would like to hack out both days just to relieve some tension and slow her brain down a bit.

    Good luck to all competing, arena hiring and lesson-ing

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    Default Re: No one else wants to leap in? Weekend plans!

    I think I'm mostly going to be washing a tail, repeatedly, trying to get it white-ish again after a winter of neglect. And hopefully we'll get out in the trailer for a nice hack again but we shall see, weather not looking great.


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