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    Default It has been a while :)

    I am back. not been here for a while.

    Bit of an update. Done a bit of XC/Dressage/ showjumping. Showing. Bit of everything really. I am not the best but the horse is a machine and he puts up with me. And I have taken a love to Xc did two hunter trials last year and absolutely loved it. Hoping to get out to some more this year Few pics to show what we have been up to.

    Also wanting to do some dressage as quite enjoying that as he has so much to give

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    Default Re: It has been a while :)

    He's gorgeous and certainly gives his fences lots of air!

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    Default Re: It has been a while :)

    Ahh thank you hes a one in a million for me Always get pulled up on his colouring.


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