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    Default Re: Just faffing with pictures

    Just seeing if I can remember how to post from fb. Christmas with our late BTs Barney and Jake.
    It worked but made me feel a little sad seeing their (much loved) faces.
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    Default Re: Just faffing with pictures

    They’re both very pretty! I’m fond of the wide white stripe on a spaniel, Bear caught my eye the minute I spied the litter.

    The Facebook method is super quick, share a pic from my phone to Facebook, copy pic, add img wraps, took me about 10 seconds just now.
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    Default Re: Just faffing with pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah_K View Post
    I'll give it a try from Facebook

    Yay- it works. Well that's easy! A million thank yous Leo Walker for suggesting that

    PS: Although Obie likes Xmas jumpers/all jumpers, he does not like the hoods being up. Hence the pic. The hood was pulled down just after this was snapped

    This is him doing what he likes best

    Awww way too cute for words!!

    Mine adore dressing up, especially Button but they definitely draw the line at head gear. There’s zero chance of getting them to wear hoodies or antlers.


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