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    Default Blair NPS photos from ages ago

    hello, I wonder if any one knows where I might get hold of some photos taken at Blair NPS M&M working Hunter championships about five/six (maybe more!) years ago. I think it was Harry McMillan who took them and I know he sadly died last year. I am obviously happy to pay for the pictures but can't seem to find anything on line easily. It's a series of photos taken of my daughter and my NF pony when she realised that the pony had decided to bounce the double and that she is going to have to ride for it!
    I don't mind trawling through photos or details to the person that wants the pictures but obviously don't want to disturb the family with what is a bit of a random request.
    Any help is very much appreciated... thank you

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    Default Re: Blair NPS photos from ages ago

    Try Asking Julia Sherwood Photography if they still have any of the images. I know she has done Blair for a good few years but she rejigged her website for the new year so I doubt they are on there but she might have them on file somewhere.
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    Default Re: Blair NPS photos from ages ago

    Thank you - never thought of approaching them. Will do!


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