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    Default Weekend plans :) :) :)

    This week is really dragging! But thursday afternoon is upon us, just.. what's everyone got planned?

    I'm going to support a friend competing tomorrow morning, followed by a quiet weekend trying to kick the cold I've been brewing for the last fortnight. Will take Salty back to the new arena on Sunday.

    Kira has a show on Tues.

    Have fun all

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    polework clinic on Saturday. I'm still wheezing following post xmas bugs and the pony isn't much fitter - so we might be standing in the corner needing oxygen at half time!

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    You must be in a different time zone, it's flying by here!

    I haven't even caught up with last week's thread yet, to report our stonking dressage outing. Did about the best we could do in the first test P2 for 73.97%, a red frilly (plus qual for CTR Champs - whoop) and lovely comments from the judge who I had been told was quite harsh. Really chuffed as felt really nice throughout, I really focused on being relaxed and thinking ahead for the transitions and was able to catch and react to some of the more tense moments.

    Left before the 2nd test sheet for P14 was up but I know we got 69% for that - it didn't flow quite as well but still v pleased with that score. Clever pony.

    This weekend I'm doing P2 again and a 50cm SJ class. It's aimed at nervous novices and I feel a bit of a fraud now after last week's outing but we do have limited comp experience and have done very few combined training classes. So for me it's practice in doing more than one discipline in a day.

    Am super chuffed as one of my goals was to qualify for a local champs in dressage. Still working on the sj confidence but it's coming along nicely. Now need to test it in a comp environment!

    Have fun all.
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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    Well we are going to jump some drainage ditches tomorrow

    On Saturday boxing to the gallops
    On Sunday boxing to my friends for a jump

    Have fun everyone

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    I'm off to dressage again - a different venue to last week riding Prelim 5...

    Bringing my son who's 6 on his new pony so I'm nervous about that..... I may have to ride her first.

    He's only doing a walk and trot test though...


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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    Not much unfortunately.

    I really would have liked to go back to our SJ training show we went to last Thursday but I won't be home from work early enough.

    Saturday I have a flatwork lesson with my classical riding coach

    Sunday will probably hack out

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    I’ve got a long weekend - Friday and Monday off work too - I am SO looking forward to it!

    We are kicking off with a flat lesson tonight, practising “effective clear aids without trying too hard, constricting and causing tension”

    Jumping at home tomorrow, hacking Saturday, going out show jumping Sunday, Monday depends on how good he was at the show-jumping - maybe another hack if the weather is OK to make the most of being off in daylight

    Good luck to all competing!

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    Monthly riding club dressage for us on Saturday, there's a big entry in the Novice (9) but I'm most excited about the elementary as at only our 2nd attempt we're going to win!! Yes, we're the only entry!
    Nothing planned for Sunday then and I've not got the money for a lesson on Monday so I think a nice refreshing hack is called for!

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    flat work lesson tomorrow, which im really looking forward to as haven't had one for nearly a month, and he always has us doing something new and challenging.
    then a hack on Saturday - weather permitting - and I might be helping a friend at an unaff sj comp.
    then on Sunday we are back out for more combined training. he has a lot to live up to after the last time out, and he's being a bit of an idiot at the moment, so it could be interesting.

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    Default Re: Weekend plans :) :) :)

    Back at uni again now, so boring weekend plans of exam revision Might try and sneak in a hack on Sebastian if the weather holds up, we've had sideways hail every day for the last 3 days, not the most pleasant to ride in!

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