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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo Walker View Post
    Negligence implies a fault........... I do know other instructors who have done negligent things ....
    It's just the crazy level of nitpicking that goes on that gets me Leo! One of the folk above details the nonchalant placement of jump cups as a potential cause - MEIN GOTT!! And people really believe this stuff!
    I was having a pleasant conversation with a guy on site once but had to interupt him to ask "excuse me, Old Chap -what's underneath the thing you're standing on?" "Ah I don't know sir" said he. THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE DOING STANDING ON IT?
    Half my time used to be spent stopping people injuring themselves from their own stupidity - and the Law the way it's become, expects me to be practically all seeing and ultimately liable.

    Equally if you work for yourself insurance is a choice......
    May be for you but for me I've had to have 10mill Public Liability, Employer's Insurance, Professional Indemnity and Contractor's All Risks for each individual site - it adds vast costs on to everything - not improved much but has fixed the idea that someone else is responsible for everything.

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    Have to say I feel there is a big difference between private client relationship and an instructor at a riding school due to the levels of competence. I am struggling to think of an 'accident' that could be my instructors fault in the context of me picking an instructor and asking for their teaching with the only exception of 'health and safety' mishap such as equipment lying around. In a riding school I could see more easily a group lesson going awry with poor instruction and over estimation of ability.
    Late to horse riding but making up for lost time!

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    Thoughts on this? Novice rider in a riding school, in a group wtc lesson. Rider and instructor check girth at start of lesson, seems fine. 15 mins into lesson, rider feels something isn't quite right, asks instructor if they can stop and check girth. Instructor says no. First canter, novice overweights the outside stirrup, rider slips off to the outside and horse canters to the back of the ride with the saddle completely underneath the horse. I feel the instructor was negligent, yes I should have spoken up and insisted the girth be checked but I was a quiet child and the instructor obviously didn't think it was a big deal so why should I have? It happened absolutely years ago but has stuck with me, I wasn't hurt badly or anything but I certainly hope the instructor learnt from it. People sue more nowadays, insurance seems a highly sensible decision to make.

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    I have been asked to sign a disclaimer when I took over the training of a young horse with known problems. When I told the YO I had no intention of suing him if it went wrong he quite rightly pointed out that if I ended up in hospital with brain damage or a broken back then he had no guarantee that my husband wouldn't come after him for compensation for life changing injuries. Having worked in the insurance industry myself I knew the disclaimer had absolutely no legal standing whatsoever, but I 100% got where he was coming from.

    Similar to Otherwise's post above I still remember finishing a jumping lesson at a riding school and a lady standing at the gate telling me my girth looked a little loose. The yard manager had tacked up that pony and had attached the girth to the 2 back straps on the saddle - which at some point in my lesson had torn loose (we all know to attach to front and back straps don't we?!). How on earth the saddle stayed in place I'll never know, but I actually think that was negligent. Back in those days we wouldn't have sued because it just wasn't something that people did - but times change.


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