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    Luna’s season has now finished. Her lady bits have returned to normal size, and she is no longer “vaginating” everywhere, ha ha.

    To be fair, she wasn’t overly messy, and she did stick to sleeping on the old blanket I put down on the new bedroom carpet. She only comes upstairs when we go to bed, sleeps on the floor at the end of the bed, so we were very lucky there.

    One more to go and then we can get her done too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clodagh View Post
    Pen is in season. Yesterday she managed to get upstairs and leapt on son's bed. (He is 17). There was an outraged yell of 'Mum, Penny has 'vaginated' all over my duvet cover. I love it! Poor Pen is vaginating everywhere...
    So funny 🤣🤣


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    I met a lovely lady out walking recently, and talking about whippety types as that is what we're planning on getting as dog number 2... we were comparing girls v boys, and I always have girls... reason being, is they don't sprinkle they tinkle! (neater peeing!!)
    As for 'Vaginating' what a cool word! lol
    Rosie will be done when she's had season 2... I just think we're boring, and call it her time of the ''year''... but she is confined to the kitchen, NO sofa surfing allowed!!

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    I have only had two bitches so far (both spayed at the appropriate times) but my next is likely to be a bitch. It is possible I might want to breed from her, all being as it should be, though it isn't a given by any means, so will have to get used to the mess and nuisance of heats and hormones again.

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    I can't just shut her away - she would feel she has done something wrong. All our dogs are shut through the back of the house (kitchen/cloakroom/ farm office) during the day anyway, so then they all come through to the sitting room in the evening when we sit down. No sofa surfing ever here, but she does come through with the others and lie on her bed.
    We have no male dogs on the farm now, apart from one tentant with an early neutered dog, so actually it has been pretty easy. (Fingers crossed, and hoping the dogs from the caravans up the road aren't going to turn up!).
    We are in for a gallop, away, away,
    I told them my beauty could fly...


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