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    A very healthy dog fox walked passed me today. It was midday so please dont assume your chickens and pets are safe shut in only at night. The vixen last summer was seen every afternoon with a chicken or duck in its mouth when it was feeding young last year it totally wiped out the collection of very well cared for fancy poultry from three seperate addressses while it was raising its young. Never did see her at dusk or dawn always mid afternoon

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    Default Re: I am now 100% PRO hunting

    So far, I've seen from the pro foxhunting lobby (and not just on this thread...

    - It's an effective way of controlling them (even those who live in towns apparently)
    - It only gets the weak, sick or very young (presumably leaving the healthy foxes to continue to help themselves to inadequately housed pets/chickens)
    - Hunts don't kill that many anyway (so how is it an effective way of controlling them?)

    I suspect the internal combustion engine has done more for controlling the fox population than anything else.

    If you want to keep animals that are the natural prey of an opportunist predator (aren't they all? Including humans...) then house them properly. Don't blame an animal for it's nature.


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