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    Default Re: Will it get better? Getting my pony to go forward

    My pony was a bit like this when i first tried/ bought her. Very reluctant to listen to me AT ALL, always had to try and get away with doing as little as possible. It was very frustrating to say the least, but it was due to the fact that other ponies that I used to ride were quite push button and eager to please.

    After a few months taking lessons on her weekly, and constant schooling she finally started to listen to me as she learned to respect me (and the leg) and I learned how to ride her. Now, almost 3 years later she's a total dream to ride, and her ground manners have improved too (she used to drag me around the yard). But I have found when other less experienced people ride her, she will try it on

    Good luck if you do decide to buy him, I'm sure he will be great and you will achieve what you want to, with a lot of hard work and dedication that is

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    Default Re: Will it get better? Getting my pony to go forward

    Thank you! I’m so excited as he is very sweet and I think he will make a super first pony! Plus he is guaranteed to give me toned legs

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    Default Re: Will it get better? Getting my pony to go forward

    I just bought my second horse about 3 months ago. My mare killed my confidence before I retired her though, so I was looking for a horse that could give my confidence back but also be a fun, all around horse after that first major step was achieved. I finally found my guy...could not get him to canter at all (canter was and still is a major hang up thanks to first horse) but saw him being cantered at my viewing so knew it was all me. Anyway, he definitely tested me my first several weeks with being quite lazy! He had been used in lessons for littles for about a year or so. Anyway, I am getting him moving forward now, and have been able to canter him so it is getting better! We are going to have a blast together and I suspect you and your pony will too. :-)


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