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    Default Camera recommendations for watching mare foal

    I am looking for recommendations for a camera which I can put in my mates Stable (with night vision) that I can watch via my mobile from anywhere.

    Happy to install WiFi to the yard. Just would like to know what is out there and if anyone had used such a system when foaling their mares.


    Ps. Mare due in April

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    Default Re: Camera recommendations for watching mare foal

    I would get a professional if you want quality

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    Default Re: Camera recommendations for watching mare foal

    I got my system from maplin . They where very helpful and guided me through the systems they had. The first one didn’t work ( WiFi system that couldn’t get the signal through the brick walls and steel framed building ) took it back and they replaced it with another system . I installed it all ! Night vision , plus mobile app so can watch the horses wherever I am . I watched my mare give birth on it . I would recommend Maplin our Swann view system


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