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    Red face Yards S/W Derby?

    Hi all,

    I understand these threads have probably been done a lot, but I was looking to get some more up to date information on the livery yards available (and what they offer) in the vicinity of south/ west Derby - Ideally Radbourne, Brailsford, Hilton, and Mickleover sort of areas for me, as I am new to Derby and looking. However, if you have/ know of a yard still local to Derby but not where I have specified please comment as it will no doubt help someone else in the area who is perhaps looking.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Jo Freer's at Scropton. When I lived in Hilton, I kept my horse at Eland Lodge and then at a yard near Uttoxeter.

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    Radbourne you have Park Farm and Ann Hunter's (neither have a school), there is another one with a school Dalbury way but I can't think of the name of the farm, we just knew it as 'Ginny's'.
    Mickleover way you have Potlocks Farm, again no school, or Oakdene & Barleyfields not far away (very commercial yards)
    Hilton you've got Hargate (big RS/BS venue) and Holme Farm nearby
    Brailsford I can't help with but you could try Longford RC's Facebook page, they're not far and I'm sure will know that area well


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