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    Default Re: Falling in and tanking through left shoulder.

    Thanks Bernster. I might have managed to get a lesson arranged... So hopefully I'll have some trusted instructor input soon.

    Today's session was....better. I kept my cool much better and she responded better. Far from perfect but better. I did a bit of work asking her to flex to the outside on the right rein on the long sides as that seemed like a low pressure way to get her thinking about responding to the left leg. And she was good with that. Then I did some large figure 8s and focussed on not tryong to wrestle her when she was on the wrong bend, just persisting with the aid and waiting and praising her when she got it right. And concentrating on using my outside aids on the good rein, again to get her focussed and responding to the left leg a bit more. That seemed to go well. I tried a tickle with the whip to induce a better response... Then she seemed to switch into bargey mode and tried to lean and tank a few times. (Carrying a whip helped, actually using it didnt!). I got strict with her about halting then, no actual tanking off thanks. And then we went back to some figure 8s and serpentines asking for that bend. I threw in a few halts and she got nicely responsive again. Once she did a decent circle to the right on closer yo the correct bend I stopped and gave her a long rein and a chill. Then picked her up again for a little trot mostly on the good rein but two circles the other way as well. She falls in less in the trot, she falls in absolutely worst when being asked to halt. Then I cooled her off on both reins on buckle end and again she's much happier going straight on buckle end. Maybe I should give it up and go western.

    I think I just need to keep being persistent but keep it below that stress threshold where she switches into crazy bargey horse.

    And get a lesson!

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    Default Re: Falling in and tanking through left shoulder.

    My girl falls in and out through her left shoulder - it's now a learnt habit and stems from me dropping my left rein and being weak in my left leg. I've been using a combination of exercises with some degree of success. I use spirals in walk and trot in my warm up to get her listening to my legs and seat. If/when she ignores my leg during a schooling session, I stop what I am doing and ride some turns on the forehand, then some spirals before continuing with whatever I was doing. When she's slipping out through her shoulders, I'll ride some squares, concentrating on bring her shoulder round the corners using my outside rein. Sometimes she's not in my outside rein (normally when I am on my right rein), I find doing 5/10m loops help to get her back into my outside rein.

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    Default Re: Falling in and tanking through left shoulder.

    This may not be relevant but is she in a single or double jointed bit? A single joint may produce less neck bend. My tb never falls out through the shoulder ...until I tried a double jointed bit to see if he liked it - it was very weird, like having a different horse, all bendy neck and no outside rein control.


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