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    Default Jumping Exercises for rider confidence

    So im a dressage rider who hasn't done any real jumping in 2 years , I would love to do some jumping, my mare is an ex hunter and will pop over anything under 1m without question, no matter how bad i ride shes a star.

    However i am such a nervous jumper i find myself freezing about 3 strides out slipping the reins and just surviving the jump which is not a good way for her or me to jump.

    What are some advice or exercises that i could do to try and help my confidence
    Right now im keeping the jumps low and trying to get more experienced and focus on keeping her forward.

    Many Thanks

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    Default Re: Jumping Exercises for rider confidence

    Grids, is the first thing that came to mind... you can make them small, simple and inviting and esp if you have a horse that will do the job for you she will just take you through on nice pre-determined strides

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    Default Re: Jumping Exercises for rider confidence

    Agree with MP, nice low grids, set up so that she can just take you through. A good instructor on the ground, who cN make sure that the grid is set up for your horse.

    Oh, and canter poles are also good. Plus jumping out of canter is far more comfortable for you. So canter poles, progressing to grid.

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    Default Re: Jumping Exercises for rider confidence

    I'm not sure where you are in the country, but IMHO a good instructor is far more important than any exercises I can recommend someone in Gloucestershire - I am fantastically lucky in that I am a livery on a top eventing yard - one session with my yard owner completely changed my boy, and I am looking forward to some intensive training over the Christmas break (weather permitting!)

    I like grids very much, they really teach a horse to think and concentrate
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    Default Re: Jumping Exercises for rider confidence

    Thanks all ! i have a great patient instructor who is helping me and a very forgiving horse ! will try some grid work !!

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    Default Re: Jumping Exercises for rider confidence

    A good instructor is key. If its the height that's is affecting you i found a quick trick for myself where im nervous showjumping. One is to count a rhythm always, i use words to remind myself what to do. Second in training once you have jumped a course walk it after, so get the trainer to set something up it can be what you build up to in a lesson then at the end walk what you have jumped, this helped me as i could go ok i jumped that and we didn't die.


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