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    Default Confidence crisis!

    Im wondering if anyone has any advice for my current situation. I have gone from jumping BE100 tracks to shaking in the saddle when faced with a 80cm jump after a fall. Ive always been quite confident but my nerves are making my horse put in uncharacteristic stops which is only making my nerves worse. Has anyone been through anything similar or have any advice on how to gain lost confidence, would be much appreciated

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    Borrowing a very sensible schoolmaster helped me. I told the instructor I only wanted to do tiny jumps and within 30 mins was happily clearing bigger fences. I wouldn't say my confidence with solid fences is completely back, but at least I know I CAN do it now rather than just remembering a bad fall.

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    It happens to everyone at some point in their riding career - so don't beat yourself up about it. Stick to where you are comfortable and don't press yourself to jump anything else. Once you take the pressure off yourself you may find that your mojo comes back all on its own. Some find lessons with a sympathetic instructor helps, some lessons on a different horse as the above poster suggests. Rescue remedy is something many folk find useful - and there are confidence courses or therapy if things get really bad. But try just taking the pressure off yourself for a while. And remember you are not alone!

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    Regaining confidence is all about finding the edges of your comfort zone, forgiving yourself for how small your comfort zone suddenly is then very slowly taking tiny baby steps outside it. Being really kind to yourself and rewarding yourself with lots of self praise and encouragement when you step outside it.

    At my worst I was getting on the horse, giving her a nice pat then getting straight back off again then telling myself how awesome I was! It does come back. It's a bit like with horses though, the more patient your are with yourself the faster you get results. Start to push or punish yourself and it all goes backwards fast.


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