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    Default Training Mirrors

    Looking at having 5 installed but wanted to keep costs down without compromising on quality. Can anyone advise who they used? Did you install the frame work and support posts yourself? Did you use metal or timber? any suggestions and feedback is much appreciated. Thank you

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    Sorry I can't help answer you actual questions, but I recall reading and seeing pics of a horse that had accidentally ran into some arena mirrors when loose schooling or similar. Caused a fair bit if damage to itself! just thinking about how you woul mount them beyond (outside) the arena fence so if horse has a hoolie and runs into fence (rare I know!) then it'll only be the fence and not the mirrors ... less chance of injury to horse.

    Again sorry I'm not answering what your actually asking. Just remembered when I read your post about that story. Might have been on H&H news a while back.

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    Default Re: Training Mirrors

    We used Arena Mirrors (Company name). They are mounted on wood frames attached to the outside of the arena fence on the short "A" side. Not my first choice of position - but the configuration of the Arena meant that was the most feasible. They've been in place about a year and have survived some heavy weather. From the research I did at the time it is best to go for the highest quality you can afford. There are horror stories of cheaper ones being shattered or flexing so much in the wind that they break. I didn't fancy picking glass - or sharp plastic actually - out of my surface!

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    GemG I thought exactly the same. There was a thread in tack room about it ages ago. If I recall correctly the horse made a miraculous recovery but the initial pictures were pretty grisly.


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