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    Well as with horses not everything went to plan this weekend; we got our first big fat E and the long walk back to the lorry!

    Started with a FAB dressage for 27.5, she felt a little sharp which is good so i tried not to let her boil over - just really struggled with the center line as it was quite boggy over X so we lost our rhythm but otherwise nice comments and good scores with 5x 8's!

    We've been plagued recently with 4 fault'itis so i really really wanted a clear. Watching a few go to learn the course, poles were falling here there and everywhere, despite the large surfaced arena, it was quite a tight course. I knew i had to have hold of her the whole time - not let her get away from me and bowl around at cruising speed; she warmed up well - well up for jumping just a bit strong after the fences but otherwise pretty good! Went in stuck to the plan and she jumped a fab clear for just 1 time fault.

    Just the XC to go; She was ace, really confident and jumping completely out of her stride with no interruptions from me, hesitant at the waters but in with a bit of 'vocal encouragement'! Flying all the way to 16 making it feel so easy . . . until 17, the smallest fence on the course! A little bullfinch with a drop behind it; our achillies heal. She's sometimes too smart and has a great deal of self preservation, which on one hand is great because she's quick to get me out of a sticky spot, but on the other, she doesn't like surprises - she likes to know what the deal is! So it worried her little socks off when she went to take off, and suddenly the landing ground disappeared. Once something like this has rattled her she panics and doesn't think, so after 2 more failed attempts it was a big fat E and the lonely walk only 2 fences from home! More home work to do and a reminder that she is still a baby and we are both still learning!

    But we got some good pictures so we'll dust ourselves down and move onto the next!
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    Those pictures are lovely. Bad luck, sport is cruel sometimes. You were so close to finishing on an amazing score! Onwards and upwards!!

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    ahh such a shame LP but well done on the rest of it. Onwards and upwards

    We had a fun couple of days away, now back to the grind. Managed to get Millie out in the field this morning so hoping she's still in her pen after a few days confined to barracks Off to arena hire tomorrow morning before work as I just can't stand the flipping school at home, and then lesson on Wednesday, I missed my horsey weekend so I've bumped it along by a few days!

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    I de-fuzzed this one-
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    Default Re: No Weekly Thread Yet!?

    T is rocking her new set of Scoot hoof boots. I'm transitioning her to barefoot, and I overdid the in hand road work with her initially, resulting in her becoming footsore and thus me having to back off . She has, or at least had when I got her last year, very thin soles so I need to be careful.

    I got a boxful of fitting shells to try out:-

    Then settled on these:

    She seems to like them, and walks out well in them in the field, the arena and on the road. They haven't rubbed or twisted, so they look promising.

    She's very woolly now, but seeing as she is still only walking, I'm leaving her unclipped atm. I did clip her heels for hoof boot fitting purposes, though.


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