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    Default Grass Affected Horses - Experiences?/ ProvideIt?

    Hi I've been reading about grass affected horses on the calm and healthy horses website and beginning to wonder if my horses' issues fit in with this. Has anyone had any first hand experience of grass affected horses? What were the symptoms and what did you do to resolve the issue? The advice is to get them off the paddocks and feed hay instead but it's not that easy when you're on a livery yard and it's not your own land! Has anyone fed the provideit products and what were your experiences?

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    Default Re: Grass Affected Horses - Experiences?/ ProvideIt?

    Mine is an itcher and grass has always made him worse. And now he has PPID and despite the Prascend, grass tends to give him subclinical laminitis - he doesn't need to be totally grass free though, just restricted. I keep him okay on a track system but livery is another matter

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    Default Re: Grass Affected Horses - Experiences?/ ProvideIt?

    when the grass is actively growing it makes my horse itch.
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