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    Default Horse hiccups - electrolytes not helping

    Has anyone else heard from their vet regarding a horse with hiccups (AKA thumps) where electrolytes didn't help the problem? My horse gets thumps when he's nervous, about to go into the show ring. Sometimes they are accompanied by stomping, etc. He has a great mind about him, so we usually get around no problem, but if I can make him more comfortable I would like that.

    I put him on electrolytes, the typical solution, but he still gets hiccups. Last show he was stressed until he peed... so maybe they electrolytes are doing too well at getting him to drink and he was stressed because of that, hah. I'm going to keep him on electrolytes: he's an athlete plus I bet the thumps are still related to a deficiency.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience in this, and also if I should look into upping the electrolyte dosage leading up to competitions?

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    Default Re: Horse hiccups - electrolytes not helping

    Does he get them if he is in hand? Or only when tacked?

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    Default Re: Horse hiccups - electrolytes not helping

    Isn't the old treatment for the thumps magnesium?

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    Default Re: Horse hiccups - electrolytes not helping

    Did your vet run bloods? Low blood calcium is the most common cause

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    Default Re: Horse hiccups - electrolytes not helping

    Thank you We haven't gone to blood work yet, I guess that's the next step. Today my vet suggested that I give him an extra dose of electrolytes orally (syringe probably) before riding him, especially for competitions.

    He usually gets them once he's been tacked up, but has been known to get them the morning at a competition when bustling starts going on around him. He's a pretty steady guy, but I think this is the way he shows his stress. As I said, it would be great to get tips to make him more comfortable

    Thank you!


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