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    Wink Bedding

    Have a 14.1 Welshie, from the poop side he's not messy etc, but does a fair bit of wet in the stable, as does not like the splash doing it on the grass.

    Currently on straw so I take the poop out daily and the wet weekly, he's on concrete with lots of straw down, he is a bit of a porker so eats the bed sometimes, little ****.

    Anyway was considering putting rubber mats through all the stable or possibly just from the front half way back, and using wood pellets, any thoughts, any users, with full mats, half way mats, or no mats, be grateful for all feedback please.

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    Mine are on wood pellet. I have used them before with no mats and a thicker bed. In current stables I have good mats and bed on top. I only have half the stables matted.

    Edit to say not all wood pellet is equal. Avoid Verdo like the plague. Expensive and you will use more. I am very happy with Platinum Plus from White Horse Energy, and if you buy a full pallet it is much cheaper. Lasts me months for two ponies. (I use a bag a week for each).

    Also.... Mucking out is mega quick!! I take poo out daily, and wet when it rises to top ( couple of times a week). Much as I love straw, I wouldn't go back.
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