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    Question Feeding my 4yr old

    I want to start my youngster (ISHxID gelding) on a feed balancer, he's recently moved yards from 24 hour year round turnout, to in at night out during the day. He's already got plenty of energy (almost too much at times!) so don't want to overdo it but something that will supplement muscle growth as he starts to build muscle through his back and topline.

    I've never had a horse that needed hard feed before (except for the occasional scoop of pony nuts) so any advice would be really appreciated, thank you!

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    Mine gets pure fibre...
    I've previously fed some copra plus pro balance+
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    If you don't want to give him much hard feed then equimins do a good balancer in pellet form. Forage Plus do a great range of powder balancers (& are very helpful with advice) which could be mixed into soaked grass nuts or beet.

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    My 4 year old ID is on Saracen Stamm 30... phone their advice line. They are very helpful and sent me loads of vouchers!


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