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    Default Exercies for uneven horse

    I am hoping you guys can help me with some exercise to work on the flat. I SJ my mare and when jumping she feels even in the contact, but not on the flat. I have jump lessons every week, but not on the flat. I am hoping to start at least monthly flat lessons over winter, but it is finding the right instructor too. So I was hoping that in the mean time you guys might have some ideas.

    She has always been quite sharp and tense, but is improving, I still don't think we have the bitting right, she has quite a small mouth with a thin tongue and doesn't like double jointed bits. Currently in an old sweetiron loose ring single joint.

    She is very one sided on the flat and is empty in the right rein. The left feels heavy, but only because there is nothing in the right if that makes sense. My left leg is much weaker than my right and I have physio for it, but it is as strong as it will ever be, there is also reduced feeling in it. She can curl to the right on the flat. Currently I do a lot of leg yielding and work in outside flexion, but would love some other things to try, especially as we will be spending more time in the school once the light fades.

    Many thanks

    Apologies for the missing "s" in the title typing too quickly
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