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    Default Re: Burghley 2017 conclusion

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangehorse View Post
    Well done to Oli.

    I am puzzled that people thought that 10 is too young for going round Burghley? At 10 a horse is in his prime. I can remember a time when both Mark Philips and Richard Meade were virtually accused of cruelty for taking 14 year olds around Badminton and Burghley. I know that courses are more technical now and of course the dressage standard has risen immensely - but I thought it was a pleasant change to see younger horses (and riders!) getting well placed.
    Agreed, I was pleased to see him win.

    From the comments I heard/read it was more that the horse wasn't expected to do so well as a young first timer - there were other 10yos in the field too.

    Mark Phillips and Richard Meade were riding in the days of long format, where the physical stresses on the horse were arguably greater.

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    Default Re: Burghley 2017 conclusion

    MJ's Takinou was 8 years old when he won the Europeans and it was only his third 3 star event. Well, I think when the experienced rider thinks the horse is ready and will cope, then why not try it. You can always pull up if you feel the horse can't cope. And OT's horse looked like he coped very well.

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    Default Re: Burghley 2017 conclusion

    I don't think anyone, including Oli, particularly expected the horse to do so well on his first time out at that level (commentators Ian Stark and, I think, Andrew Nicholson were both saying this horse will be up there in the future..). Oli said the horse felt green, but keen and happy going round. I think Oli has matured as a rider and isn't going to overly push a horse.

    I was actually interested (not quite the word I want really!) to see Samuel Thomas almost stand up at the top of the leaf pit. He did a couple of nappy stops prior to Oli riding him, I hadn't seen that while Oli has ridden him. He's not an easy horse to ride, yet it doesn't show with Oli.


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