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    Default Confused by Vets - Bandaging Help

    Wondering if anyone can help, my horse is going for a bone scan to try and identify where his lameness is coming from. I received an information leaflet about the day and it says the following;

    "The bandaging should be as follows: front legs from the knee to below the coronary band and hind legs from hocks to below the coronary band, with at least two layers of gamgee or similar." It then goes on to state this is for blood supply and warmth purposes.

    Now am I just been silly when it asks for 2 layers of gamgee it is just asking for it to be doubled up to make it thicker?
    Also wondering when it says from knees / hocks is it the top of them or just applied like a stable bandage?

    Think I am overthinking things but I just want to do the right thing so any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Confused by Vets - Bandaging Help

    You are correct, just like a stable bandage going from under the knee/hock right down to the coronary band. I also think two layers of gamgee to make it thicker.


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