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    Default Livery yard close to Perivale


    I'm moving back from Sweden to London by the end of the summer. Used to live in st.johns wood so I don't know the area too well.

    I'm looking for a livery yard around Perivale, I rather not drive more than 30mins. Ideally full time livery without riding or part with diy on weekends. Even better if there is an indoor arena but not a must. Any ideas where I might be able to find one? I rather not pay more than 5-600 a month but I don't know if that is near impossible to find?

    Any help is much appreciated

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    Default Re: Livery yard close to Perivale

    Just bumping up the tread. Hoping somewhere out there can guide me in the right direction

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    The only two yards close by are Ealing Riding School on the North Circular Road and Wormwood Scrubbs Pony centre behind Wormwood Scrubbs Prison.


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