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    Default Re: The BEST grazing muzzles...?!!!

    Greenguard is the only one that works for my horse! He's on his second one in 5 years but saves his life every summer, wouldn't be without it.

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    Default Re: The BEST grazing muzzles...?!!!

    See having observed 5 horses on our yard with the GG I don't think it seems to restrict anywhere near as much/encourages horses to scrape teeth against the grill and rubs them all really badly.

    I do have some extra fleece on the back strap that hangs down to the bucket on the shires but on a very sensitive ginger no rubs to be seen. It is also helpful ATM as we need to keep nose covered anyway .

    caroline just checked my email, F is a cob in everything including his muzzle it would seem!
    He had a large dinky of that helps.

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    Default Re: The BEST grazing muzzles...?!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by milliepops View Post
    yep me too. Mine have gone on this week as we've moved fields

    I always size up for a bucket type muzzle, so mine both wear cob size bridles but have full size muzzles.
    Agreed. I use Shires for mine and I use a full sized even though she is a pony. Smaller sizes rubbed her face.
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