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Thread: 1st Aid Fees

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    BRC have certain requirements to be a first aider at a RC event and it is recommended that there is one even for dressage shows. It is becoming a nightmare to get folks through the club willing to train and who can take part in the organised area training. Seems funny that the PC can get away with a day's first aid training whereas BRC needs three day first aid at work initial course with a 2 day refreshers for those who already done the FAW. We have started using a local firm for our first aid for our jumping shows but the rider fees do not usually cover the full cost or even half of it tbh.

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    I have never minded paying for dedicated cover at the ringside etc but even before I stopped competing frequently it was the same person doing the entries or pole picking. Friend who does it is also a first responder, he has kit (separate from his first response stuff) and gets quite cross if anyone suggests he goes anywhere near an arena surface and maintains pole pickers should therefore not be the first aider.

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    What really bugs me is should it not be part of the cost of running an event and taken into account when setting the entry fees at the moment those riding one horse are subsidising those with multiple runs. Indeed some venues do take the mickey at present !
    If you compete BE all the costs are wrapped up in a simple entry fee with no hidden extras.


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