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Thread: First Prelim :)

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    Default First Prelim :)

    Well on Sunday we went to do an intro and prelim dressage test. Henry's 3rd dressage outing (5th outing in his life) and we decided it was time for us to have a bash at a prelim test. Bearing in mind that 6months ago he couldn't hold the canter round a corner at all and barely in a straight line, we've been working hard on it and it's coming along slowly though he still struggles a little in the smaller arena (and his size is not on his side there!)

    We get there and it's blowing an absolute gale (thank you storm stella) Henry dislikes the warmup here with a passion (just indoor arenas generally really) so decided one corner would probably eat him, but mostly avoid that corner and warm up fine, already an improvement from last time! Then for the intro test. Was forward in the warmup so decided we didn't need a stick, slight mistake, go out into the main arena and turn into a bit of a slug. Other than that, he felt great! Need to sack the jockey for forgetting the test though Ended up finishing 6th, with 64.5% (would have been 4th/5th if I'd remembered the test, oops!)

    Prelim next! Generally felt a much better test than the intro. Carried a stick so was a bit more forwards too. Had a small spook at a flappy banner and when he realised there was a horse in the next arena which took him by surprise, but nothing too dramatic. Only major incident was he went to break the canter 1 or 2 strides early, so put the leg on a bit too much so he shot forwards, this messed up the canter-trot transition (which was meant to be at F) and ended up doing a bit of a handbrake turn down the centre line at A to finish (sack the jockey again!) Ended up with a respectable 63.4%.

    Overall very happy, a good few things to take away and remember for next time! comments on test sheets are very similar to what my instructor says and that we are working on, so good to know that we're on the right track there.

    Now for the all important photos!

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    Default Re: First Prelim :)

    Well done that sounds like a really positive outing! We are struggling with canter too, so I feel your pain... small steps my trainer keeps telling me

    And some lovely pics, Henry is very handsome - particularly like the last one

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    Well done, great result! My horse and I also suffer from slug-mode in the ring! So last time out I popped spurs on after warming up and 5 mins before going in which kept him forward.

    It sounds like the canter has already improved after what you describe so it will only get better the more you do. One step at a time (I'm all too familiar with this myself!).

    Very handsome horse, you have! Looking forward to the next report

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    Default Re: First Prelim :)

    Gorgeous horse!! It sounds like you're on the right track. It's amazing how quickly the canter can suddenly improve- I remember doing my first test in late July 2015 on Indio and wondering how on earth we'd stay in the arena in right canter (we barely managed to!). In early November that year we came second in the PRE BD champs with 68% at Prelim, I couldn't believe it! So keep going and you'll be winning in no time


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