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Thread: Possible brand?

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    yeah i've never really seen an irish branded horse. would be very curious what his origins were.

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    A quick Google search ...

    Polish Warmblood (Wielkopolski)

    Polish foals born in a national stud farm have a numerical brand under the saddle:
    The right side is the number of stud farm.
    The left side is the foal's number.
    Foals from private breeders (regional breeding) are branded on the left leg (thigh)
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    Get him scanned for a microchip! I bet he has more than one!

    I have a cob with Danish chip and one Irish chip so it's something I'm am fairly aware of. It could be a case that his passport was lost and it was cheaper to re-register him and get a white book, or they wanted to change his age etc.

    I have never, ever seen a branded Irish horse.

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    Thank you - it had never occurred to me that he might have come from Poland. Next time I have the vet out I'll ask him to bring the scanner, so far only the passport chip has turned up but who knows! I'll have to have a dig around and see if I can find out more.

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    Interesting about the Polish branding as my girl is a Malopolski (another polish warmblood type) and came fully passported with all of her breeding registered, but isn't branded.

    She came from a non state breeder.

    OP - if you do find another chip and manage to get more information you might be able to find out more on the Polish stud database:


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