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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    Similar to mine.

    6am Up and dressed
    6:15 Out the door to the yard
    I do all my jobs at the yard in the morning so it's quicker for me at night.
    8am Leave for work
    8:30am Get to work, change, put make up on etc.
    9am Start work
    5pm: Finish work
    5:30pm Get to yard, muck out, nets in, water, refill the two day nets he's had in, feed, done.
    I'm home by around 6:15pm. I'm lucky in that my yard is about 4/5 minutes away from my house. My mum does him for me on a monday and thursday so I go straight to work from home. I shower at night, otherwise I'd never have time in a morning!

    ^^^ that's not my every day yard routine, just an example of when I want to get done and home. I usually spend all day there on a Saturday.

    I've done this since October and it suits me fine. I was doing shift work before and I did have more spare time but due to the shifts I was always knackered. This is so much better for me.

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    I did this for a while with added dog walking! After a few years I got sick and investigated livery as by the time I factored time/travel/fuel into the equation it wasn't much more a week to have a lie in and days off from the yard!

    Just remember to have some chill time now and then!

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    It sounds like a pretty standard DIY routine. I am lucky that I now have my horse on livery. Is there any way you could do a few bits in the evening to speed up the morning? I was really organised the night before so in the morning I could be out the house in 12 minutes! But even with a shower you should be able to do it in 30

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    There are times in my life when that routine has burned me out, others when it was absolutely fine, provided I was strict about getting to bed on time. If you feel ok, then don't change it. If you start to get run down, try to think of a few shortcuts.

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    I'm very, very thankful to have 24:7 winter turnout which means I don't have to religously muck out 2 horses every morning. BUT the field is a bit of a trek from the yard, one can't see in the dark so I have to wait for daylight and they won't lead nicely back to the field together after breakfast which I've worked out is an extra 15 mins of ploughing through mud!

    I'm lucky in that I have flexible working hours now so I can do all my jobs / ride etc in the morning and work late to make up the hours. When I was working in London and commuting it was awful.

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    For me, that wouldn't be sustainable in the long run, though I'd be fine for a week or two. To start with, not enough sleep! Even if you really do manage to be asleep by 11pm, that's less than 7 hours of sleep each night, and I couldn't stay sane and healthy on that in the long term. Personally, I need to unwind/digest between dinner and sleep, or I won't fall asleep, so getting home at 10 and eating late wouldn't allow me to be in bed by 11. I also know that if I don't take the time to prepare (i.e. cook) proper meals and decent lunches, it's no good long-term (junk food and ready meals calling...).

    You also have no "give" for unforeseen circumstances. Even though I have a much more relaxed schedule (only once a day to the yard), I still struggle when stuff happens. E.g. I've had the car in for repairs 5 times in the past two months, meaning I can't get to the yard at all and need someone to pick up the slack for me. Another time, the cats needed their annual vet appointment, meaning I miss the yard trip, else I wouldn't be able to work a full day. On average, I have at least 3-4 days a month when I don't make it to the yard for one reason or another (December had a bunch of work-related lunches and dinners...). I have an arrangement with fellow liveries to help each other out on those days, so it's fine, but I think you need some slack and/or flexibility in your schedule to really make it work.
    If you have the option of buying in services as/when needed, it might work ok. Would be interesting to see how much extra that would cost a month, and whether it's still worth it compared to pert livery (as above).

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    It's not hugely different to mine to be honest.

    06.00 get up
    06.10 out to horses - feed, turnout, fill Jazz's night haynet ansd muck him out
    07.00 back in house - breakfast, quick shower, get dressed
    07.40 leave house for train station
    07.50 train to work
    09.00 - 17.30 work
    18.30 home - cook dinner, empty dishwasher/washing machine/put washing on etc etc
    10.30 go to bed!

    There are also days like today, when the weather is so horrible that the horses are kept in which means I need to muck out and hay both of them in the morning, but that only adds about 15 minutes.

    At the moment I don't ride during the week as it's dark and we don't have an arena, but in the summer I would also have riding probably from 7-8 a couple of nights a week. I am lucky now in that (a) the horses are at home and (b) I don't have to bring the horses in and do evening feeds, my sister comes up and does that before I'm home from work (her horse lives with us too), but before I moved back home I did have to go up to the yard after work every day to do evening stables.

    It's quite tiring, by about Thursday I'm usually starting to feel like a wrung out cloth, but I've been doing a similar routine for years and have survived so far!
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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    Try meal prepping your lunches on a Sunday perhaps? I can meal prep lunches for Mon-Thursday in under 30 minutes which saves me time in the week but most importantly means I'm getting good nutrition and keeping my energy levels up. There are loads of youtube videos on meal prepping and if your hitting the gym as well then even more reason to

    I have mine at home but even being turned out 24/7 with access to the yard where I feed hay, apart from picking up the poo off the yard it doesnt get swept everyday, lol!

    You'll soon know if the routine will burn you out ... when you burn out! So worry about and adjust it then!
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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    Your routine is similar to the one I had when I still had horses - without the gym bit though. I couldn't have managed that as well. Although to be honest I never felt the need, the horses and chores kept me very fit.

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    OP, v similar to mine, I'm almost 55 and still doing it for 2-3 every work day, tho I now don't ride in the worst of the winter on work days.
    Dog comes with me (work and yard) so dog walknig too as well as lunch breaks

    My home / yard commute is 3.5 miles each way. Work is nearly 6 miles in the other direction from home, sigh, right in the home counties heavy commute traffic. School hols takes 10 mins, this morning took 40 mins

    To get rid of gym, try mucking out using heavy duty rubber gloves if your back is ok - gets the abs really working if you 'poo-pick' stable 1st in this manner
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