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    Default Unrealistic daily routine?

    Ok so a friend of mine has said my daily routine is unrealistic and I am going to burn myself out! Can anyone let me know if their routine is similar to mine?

    5:45am up shower feed cat make lunch etc
    6:45am leave house go to yard, feed, turnout, muck out and sweep yard
    8:00am leave yard go to work, get changed and make up on in the bathroom!
    6pm (supposed to be 5 but needs must) finish work back to yard, ride, skip out, set stable for night and feed
    7:30/8pm leave yard and either go home or to the gym, if I go to the gym then im home by about 9:30/10pm
    11pm. bed time!!!

    Weekends are a little bit quieter, usually Friday nights are spent out or with my sister, Saturday days are cleaning days or outings, and sundays are my days to visit my granddad!
    is this unrealistic? I thought this was an ok daily routine?

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?'s similar to mine...

    5.30 get up
    6.30 gym
    8.30 commute for an hr on the train
    5.15 leave work
    5.30 hr commute home
    6.30 30 min drive to yard
    7pm get to yard
    8.30ish leave yard
    9pm home
    10pm dinner

    That's most days in the summer. Winter I don't ride in the evenings, so "just" go straight home. Normally home about 7ish

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    if you have the motivation/energy then it will work but make sure you make time for yourself, its a similar timeline to mine but i'll be honest in the winter there are days I'm just too tired to ride but this has been my routine for near 7yrs now...

    I am at yard for 6am, start work 7.30 finish 3.30, try to either ride, lunge, groom, fill nets/make up feeds. I did go to the gym last year but I just haven't had the notion for it this year at all.

    I don't know your personal circumstances but I have a home to keep and an OH so there's all that to make time for too

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    ditto, very similar timetable with 3 horses to look after , apart from yard owner no one else on the yard knows there are 2x 5 o' clocks in a day. Could do without the work bit in the middle, but then there would be no money for the horses.( wish i had a pound for everyone who says horse owners are mad)

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    Mine has been like that for 30 years (minus gym, rode an extra horse though) and I dont consider myself burnt out at 60+ years...

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    I think a lot of horsey folk will say that's their normal routine and mines not hugely dissimilar but not quite as bad. Up at 7 on train at 8 at desk for 9 leave work at half 5 at stables for anything Between half 6 and 7 home for 9.
    I also have a husband and house duties to balance. Yours would just be too much for me though and to sustain I'm not sure how folk do it.

    I would sack the gym off so you can then make your lunch and shower at night to save time in morning and still be in bed by no later than 10 half 10.
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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    Same as mine.

    Up at 4.45am

    Shower etc. .leave house at 5.30, arrive at yard for 5.45 am

    Feed, muck out . .turn out.

    Get changed in stable, deodorant sprayed all over, leave yard at 6.55 to ensure at office before 7.30am.

    It does not matter if I'm Working From Home or not . . I still get up at that time, as the horse is in a routine.

    And yes . . after years of doing this, in shattered , feel burnt out and hence do not have the energy to ride in the evenings.

    OH see's to dogs in the morning, inlaws look after dogs during day . .and dogs still need to be walked in the evening.

    Weekends are spent still getting up early, ride early, in order to get back to walk dogs with OH so they don't own the horse takes up all the to time.

    I find I feel worse mentally, when OH moans about 'the hobby' which is another DIY mortgage! . . .

    Have thought about livery, but im a control freak, and . . . The cost is so expensive, means I could not afford to spend on the nice things . .

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    I do have my own home so that also takes up time for maintenance etc but no OH so really only have to make time for myself haha!
    Maybe people not on DIY forget how many extra chores it includes!?
    She also has horses but has an OH who makes dinner and deals with the house and both horses are on full livery, so she doesn't need to visit every day.

    Was starting to think she was putting me down a little bit...but glad to know there are other people in the same boat as me!

    I would love to sack off the gym but am trying to shift weight at the moment and I actually find that I enjoy it and it helps me to de-stress at the end of the day!

    I also have three cats at home who demand their quality time and cuddles! I definitely wont get away without doing that at night

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    I work shifts, but when I'm on 7am-5pm days I get up at 4.30am, yard by 5am, do 3 horses then set off for work at 6.20am. Back to the yard for 6pm, 3 horses again, ride if I have time/the arena isn't a swamp (not often it's not tbh). Then gym when I have the energy, get home about 9pm, quick tea and bed. Other shifts are a similar routine but just moved round the day depending on shift start and finish times. I get told by people i'll burn out, and a lot can't believe my routine but *shrugs* no one said horses were easy

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    Default Re: Unrealistic daily routine?

    6.45 start

    feed parts and diy 10 horses
    remaked feeds
    change any rugs
    7.10 turnout horses
    muck out feed hay water each of the 9 stables as i go
    feed cp cats
    turn pony and donkey out
    muck them out
    finish about 10 am

    erunds chores shopping


    bring horses in
    feed cats
    then dee poo
    4 start brushing off and picking feet
    hay in 5pm
    then finish


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