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    Default Should I Part Loan?????


    I am new to this forum, but wanted to add a post to get some advice on whether or not I should part loan a horse.

    Just to provide you with a bit of background - I spent most of my childhood/early adult life riding. I used to take weekly lessons, take part in pony camps, spend days down at the yard helping out, just because I loved to be around horses. I then took a break during sixth form and University (mainly because I could not afford it). I am now 25, have a good job (and so the financials are no longer an issue) and have picked up riding again for the last 5 months.

    I am wondering how I have been away for this long! Back in love with it again.

    Basically, I have been considering part loaning a horse in my local area as 1hr lessons once a week just arent satisfying my horsey fix. This would be my first loan as I have never loaned or owned before - although I am hoping to own one day eventually. I can walk, trot and canter confidently. When I used to ride (before I took the break) I was starting on small jumps but haven't picked that up again as yet in my more recent lessons. I love to hack (but have never hacked alone). Most of the advertisements for part loaning horses I've ignored as the horses are still quite green and require very confident experienced riders, which I don't think I am yet. However, I have responded to one ad in my area where the owner of the stables has a wide variety of horses for part loan ranging from beginners to experienced rider so I thought why not. It would be for 2 days a week - 1 week day and 1 day at the weekend. I'm going down for a chat and to see the horses at the weekend.

    I've made her aware that I am somewhere in between a novice and competent rider and am extremely rusty with yard duties as I haven't done any in so long. That's the downside to RS lessons - you don't get all the practical experience that goes along with owning a horse. And actually I used to love that stuff (grooming, mucking out etc) as much as riding - still do, just havent had a chance to do much.

    I am worried about part loaning my first horse and doing something wrong with the more experienced people watching me thinking 'what the hell is she doing' and am worried about the first couple of weeks as I have not really been left on my own to get on with things before (although the lady I'm seeing at the weekend said there is support etc at the yard).

    I am hardworking, trustworthy and reliable and really want to take this next step up from RS lessons! I'm willing to put in the hours after work and weekends to become knowledgeable and progress my riding and generally just be around horses because I love it.

    What do you all think - is this a good idea? Am I ready?



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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    I think that 60% of owning a horse is the stable care. The other 40% is enjoying the horse in whatever way, be that a hack, a trot or learning to jump. I do however think you would benefit from taking a few private lessons in poles and cross poles, so that you are more able to vary the horse you take on part loans work, so do that and in another few months go back to this place that have several available. You don't HAVE to jump, but if you have not tried it you don't know if you like it. You might love it, and prefer to take one that is better able to jump than one you might take because you think you have not yet jumped so dont need one that does.

    One thing i will say though is to ensure you keep up your instruction even when loaning. A novice can not teach themselves.

    Good luck, you sound like you would be an asset to any horse being taken on.

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    Yes - you sound ready. I'd consider you for my pony (although I suspect you are not looking for a pony!)

    One thing to keep at the back of your mind is why people share / part loan their horses. It can be a fraught relationship. The stable you mention sounds a good situation - but I suspect more expensive than it might be privately. Equi is absolutely right ab out keeping up professional instruction. You'll come on far faster privately anyway.

    Always get a contract - it protects both sides. Clear communication also helps - ask how the owner wants things done and do it that way. (As long as its safe!). Never be afraid to ask - but bear in mind that for every 2 horsey people there are usually at least 3 opinions on what should be done.

    BHS do a basic horse owner's certificate course which you can take in a weekend if you want a bit of back up for your technical skills.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    Equi- thanks for your reply I note your comment that 60% is actually horse care. This is the area I need a refresh on but I'm sure I will pick it all up with some support and guidance.
    I think that even if I do go ahead with the part loan, I will definitely still continue with private lessons as much as I can. I have a hell of a lot to learn yet!

    Shay- thanks also for your reply!! I shall be asking the lady at the weekend why they have all of these horses for loan and how it's come about etc. It is rather expensive 120 for 2 days but tbh I do not mind paying extra for my first loan as I suspect there will be more support as it's a RS than if I loaned privately.
    I am definitely interested in looking into the BHS certificate for some back up and extra knowledge.

    I'm so excited - really hope this goes well.
    Thanks again for replies x

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    You definitely sound ready but 120 for 2 days is very steep!!

    If you went privately you could get that for 20/25 (a week).

    It might take you a while to find the right loan situation, but if I were you I wouldn't be taking up the 120 for 2 days offer, it just seems far too much! You could probably do you BHS horse owners certificate for that much (and if you're still having lessons you're going to have to add lesson prices onto that too - so long as they're not included).

    While you're looking for a loan horse, could you have 2 lessons a week? (still work out far less then 120). Your riding will improve quicker and then when you have found a loan horse you like and agreed, go back to 1 lesson or have lessons on your loan horse.

    I part loaned my first horse at 23 (then went on to buy my own) and it was great. I knew how to do stable management stuff but had only ever done it on RS horses. I loaned the horse 2 days a week and the owner was really supportive and if I had any questions I just asked her. She came up to the yard with me the first few times to make sure I rode OK/did everything OK and then left me to my own devices, though for the first few times she would text and make sure everything was OK. If I had any problems or queries I would just ask her.

    Some people put their horse on loan because they want the time off, and don't want to be asked questions constantly, but there are people out there who don't mind and will help you until you find your feet. I would consider you for my horse and wouldn't mind helping you with the basics at first for example.

    Have you considered doing the BHS horse owners certificate like Shay suggested? Or does your riding school offer stable management lessons (or can you find one that does?)? You can then brush up on the horse care side before loaning.

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    Where are you based? Maybe someone on here knows something suitable.

    If it helps, I was in exactly the same position when I got my part share - my Horse's owner supervised for the first two weeks until she was happy I could crack on alone and then I was left to it

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    Try joining some local horsey facebook groups and put up a part loan wanted ad. There are lots of people who have nice laid back horses and need an extra pair of hands, particularly in winter. I am sure you will find something suitable for much less than 120!

    I agree with the above about just being supervised short term, it will soon all come back and then there will be no stopping you! Don't worry if you get things wrong, just pay close attention to what they say. For example the horse gets 2 nets of haylage - make sure to ask where to get the haylage from. You cant really go far wrong as long as you listen and ask questions.

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    I would always be very cautious of the sort of set up you describe they tend to be very restrictive, I certainly wouldn't expect any care duties for that amount I would expect the horse to be on full livery!

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    Amye - I agree and have been told by a couple of people that 120 is rather steep for 2 days which does put me off abit. The RS I'm at atm doesn't offer BHS courses however, the RS I used to go to before uni etc does! It's a little bit further out but its a great RS - I am seriously considering asking to do BHS stage 1 training there!

    Karran - I am Nottingham based and have a car so can get about easily enough!

    Thank you all for your replies - some really useful tips and advice. Alainax - great idea about the Facebook groups.

    What I'm hearing is that 120 for 2 days is expensive and as it's at a RS may be quite restrictive? I may still pop down at the weekend but also still keep looking for someone privately who would be willing to supervise me at first/help me get to grips with everything.

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    Default Re: Should I Part Loan?????

    Hello OP! I've been in the Same boat as you for months, had to give up riding during to financial issues now I'm back at it. 120 per week is a rip off, if that's per month then it's more acceptable but you could still find wayyyy cheaper especially for only 2 days. Unless this yard had amazing facilities?
    If you could find a BHS stage 1 course near you, it would mean you get 3 hours a week which includes riding and stable management and at the end I think you'd feel far more confident to loan privately as you would be learning all the stable management stuff again. Plus you don't have to sit the exam, where I live it worked out 33 a week for an hour's lesson and 2 hours stable management which is worth it.
    That's what I decided, I'm planning to do my BHS Stage 1 so it worked out better to complete the course then I would feel confident alone with a horse.
    Like you i learnt it all when I was a teen but rarely can practice it so abit nervous. There's other short horses you can do but the BHS Stage 1 training course givea you far more hands on time.
    Good luck also if you want to go ahead with part sharing, post on gumtree and explain what you're looking for. You should get a good response of there. Loaning from a RS will be restrictive as you will be watched which I don't like but then you have the support of the school.


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