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    Default Re: I do not get on with my new horse!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kendall View Post
    I know I should probably know but I just didn't consider changing his feed. The breeder is a very experienced horsewoman and I guess I just trusted her as she bred him I dunno. I realise now that I should look into it.
    If he is on full livery including feed then it is relatively normal for the YO to feed a standard feed to everything, not all owners are interested or experienced enough to make feeding decisions, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can and be in a position to discuss his diet in a general way and have some input, I often have liveries that have left all feeding choices to me and it may be that your YO is used to liveries doing the same.
    I do think she is being controlling but you are only 16 so she probably feels you are in need of advice she is just going about it in a rather heavy handed and unfair way.

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    Is he hacking as well? You only mention his behaviour in the school and that he's fairly experienced at dressage, maybe as a youngster he's just plain bored?

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    Yes I hack him most weekends with a friend, tbh I havent hacked in a couple of weeks due my friend and I not being able to find time when we are both free. He does really enjoy hacking but I felt that he would enjoy jumping as something different which is why I tried to get him started with it but that was the first time he has been very nappy to the point where i could not move him! Im just not sure!

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    Yes we are on full livery with him. Though she did say I could feed him whatever and she would get it in(as part of the livery cost). Yeah I understand that she is trying to help and he is her homebred horse so she is likely to be concerned with him but I don't know I just get a bit upset and disheartened when she tells me what to do all the time! I know I am young but I have been a very committed rider for around 11 years and I am quite knowledgable about horses, I just feel a bit undermined sometimes. I will deffo look in to what to feed him.

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    Default Re: I do not get on with my new horse!

    What breeding is he?

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    Hes an Irish Sports Horse. I think he has a bit of Arab and a bit of Dartmoor in him as well as TB.

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    You also have to learn hard and fast at livery esp full that your horse is YOUR horse. You paid for him, he is no longer the breeders. If they don't agree with the instructor you need to say well i feel they worked well for us.

    As an afterthought, do you think maybe the fact he is full livery is stopping you bonding? I know for sure i would hate full livery. I enjoy mucking him out, seeing him snuffle about in his nice clean bed i did, looking to me for his dinner, wrinkling his nose when he sees me coming cause he knows im the food me cuddles cause im the one who snuggles him. my YO told me he gave her a snuggle...which made me even more happy because hes been quite a head shy aloof animal...but he has become so loving and affectionate because I have been giving that to him.

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    Default Re: I do not get on with my new horse!

    Is it possible that he's a bit bored?

    If you and your friend haven't been able to hack much recently, perhaps he's becoming a bit bored of the arena. Perhaps you could try varying what you do with him. Maybe try and do something different each time you ride i.e. lunge, long rein, jump, groundwork, TREC obstacles. And try hacking as much as you can if he enjoys it.

    It can take a little while to get to know a new horse and unfortunately it doesn't sound like his breeder is giving you enough time and space to enjoy your new boy.

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    You say you have a history of picking difficult horses.....have you ever considered that it's not the horses, it's your riding? Any time that "all" horses have the same problem I would always look to the rider first as horses are most definately not all the same.

    What was it about your instructor that the breeder didn't like?

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    I have only had one very difficult horse, my first pony was a lazy mare and was a challenge bit in the end I got along really well with her and loved her to pieces, she pretty much taught me how to ride, this is why I thought I would manage with a stubborn horse. I have owned two horses and loaned a couple in between. The horse I previously loaned before my horse now was a star and I had a really good relationship with him. He was very old so sadly I decided I needed to move on and get something younger. The horse I loaned before him I also got on with very well. I bought a TB mare after my first pony to share with my older sister, we found out that she was actually quite difficult and we had bitten off more than we could chew. Granted that was quite a long time ago and we weren't as experienced so it was probably our fault. She began rearing and one day she reared upright and my sister fell off and broke her arm and she had to have metal plates in it. It was then a massive struggle to sell the mare because no one wants a rearing horse! We sold her eventually and she is doing ok now, still rears occasionally. That experience was very difficult which is why I don't want it to happen again.


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