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    Default DIY Livery Yards Meltham, Honley, Holmfirth

    Hi - Merry Christmas everyone. If anyone's got a second to spare from wrapping prezzies and scoffing mince pies I'd be really grateful for info on DIY yards or private grazing anywhere near Meltham/Honley/Holmfirth areas.
    I found a place called woodlands on Slades Hill in Helme, but it doesn't seem to be open any more - or at least the phone num doesn't work.
    Also, I do know about Wood Nook, but bit pricey out of my range
    Sooo, anywhere else that anyone knows of.....
    2 horses btw - one of them is so big he is often mistaken for a dinosaur..
    Thanks a million

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    Default Re: DIY Livery Yards Meltham, Honley, Holmfirth

    Woodlands has been closed for a while and they have built houses on the yard. There are a few yards in Honley, Louise Refearn and the Daniels yards are there. Sue Whitham is at South Crosland and there is John Dodson's place at Farnley Tyas. It may be worth your while contacting the secretaries of The Home Valley Riding Club and the Colne Valley Saddle Club, to see if they have contact details for an yards in the area.
    Good luck, we all need it!
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