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    Default Re: Off to Wales to try again next week.

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    Doesn't time just fly ! we are hitting year 3 here now, and with the sheep and the horses ( and work, but that just gets in the way of me having fun with the horses ! ) and it is still fabulous. The snow has been fun though !
    2 years next month for us. Working hard, never enough time to do what I want!
    Leather conditioner selling well, I have had to make 3 batches in 3 months, most I have ever had to make and the cockerel collars are selling like hot cakes, have another 36 to make this morning.
    The horse and rider Locatas are selling well too, so all in all enough to keep me going.
    Do a bit of saddlery as and when it's need or asked for, weirdest thing I have been asked to make since living here is a goat condom (don't ask)
    Just bought a brand new enormous sewing machine to make the cable parachutes with, weighs about 300lbs and nearly had a hernia getting it off it's pallet when it arrived!

    We lost one of our 3 dogs just over a year ago and have another new one, (JRT) who is another rescue and is from Banstead (Surrey) so another Surrey boy!
    Still hatching poultry, started on Pheasants too last year. Snow wasn't here long enough and not as deep as where I came from (Caterham) people here do make me laugh as well as friends online, they say, "oh do you find it cold in Wales"?
    NO, back up in Surrey on the North Downs where I was born we were often snowed in in the Winter in days gone by and several years ago it was minus 15 there and 18 inches of snow, I am used to it and I have yet to feel really cold here. It is wetter here and windier, although I was 2-300feet higher back in Surrey than I am now it's more exposed here than Surrey, so I notice the wind. As for the rain, I actually like it, in Surrey it had become too hot for me, the Summers were unbearable and so dry here it's cooler and wetter I really like that!
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