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    Default Re: Difference in marks between Affiliated and Unaffiliated?

    I write for both affiliated comps and unaff comps (generally in my area 90% of the judges doing the unaff comps are affiliated judges anyway) - I see no difference in scoring on most occasions. Sometimes the listed judge will say they have to remind themselves sometimes it is unaff and be a touch more generous as they are being 'encouraging' at unaff with the view that one day these riders will affiliate.

    So I'd say your marks might go down by around 5% but unlikely it will be more than that - and I think if you are scoring 70% then you're more than ready to affiliate, you might be pleasantly surprised and find your marks are pretty similar! Although do keep in mind the new half marks have come in since 1st Dec so not sure how that is going to affect your scores.

    Go on the BD website and search for some of the judges that have judged you before (providing you keep your sheets) - if you find that you are judged frequently by BD judges then as mentioned before its unlikely your scores will change much, maybe just by a small percentage for the 'encouragement' factor.

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    Default Re: Difference in marks between Affiliated and Unaffiliated?

    I tend to find the difference is about 5-15% - but normally 5-10%. Does depend on whether the unaffiliated uses listed judges, but I even find the listed judges at unaffiliated can be a bit more lenient. We've had over 70% several times at unaffiliated novice (with listed judges), but highest BD score was 65/66something (and that was - I think - the best test we've done). We've also had 80% or thereabouts a handful of times at prelim but only had max BD score of just over 66%.

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    Default Re: Difference in marks between Affiliated and Unaffiliated?

    Having done the sum total of one BD competition, would say judging/marks exactly what we would have expected if it had been unaffiliated, in a good way that is.


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