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    Default Experience of part exchange

    As title just wondering if this is the way to go with my horse . I'm no longer riding although missing it terribly. I've lost my confidence & decided to sell for a confidence giver . In this climate could this be the way to go? I'm looking for other peoples experiences if they have done this & also how much less can I expect for my horse if I go down this route .

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    Default Re: Experience of part exchange

    I have done it 3 times but for expensive horses. The first was a little tb that I bought as a yearling at 6 he was still a complete coward to jump. He was also a nightmare on the road. I paid a lot on top of part exchange but 6 years later sold that horse for 5 times what I paid as he became an advanced dressage horse.
    A few years later my daughter was working for a dealer and felt sorry for a very sharp horse. No one who tried him could ride him she bought him but he was not easy and when we had some money the following year we put him in px for an expensive imported horse. He was very nappy and broke her leg. We px him for a nice sensible horse but without such quality. She turned out to be a lovely horse. The one we put in px died a month later from liver problems (the vet we took him to when he was nappy said it was back pain and we spent over 1000 getting him treated)
    Each time we got next to nothing for the horse we took to px but they all had problems that we were honest about. Ech time it was a different dealer

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    Default Re: Experience of part exchange

    Not quite PX but I swapped a TB schoolmistress for a young well bred WB from a college stud. All contracted so all parties knew where we stood.

    My previous YO always PX her horses! She had a beautiful WB who started refusing to jump the heights she wanted to, literally went to a show with one horse and came back with another! A friend also PX one tempermental showjumper, a youngster and a horse belonging to her RI for a very well bred, never out of the rossettes, showjumper.

    Always seem to work out well, but they never get the amount the horse is really worth taken off the horse they want to buy, but it's an easy way of moving a horse on to get another.

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    Default Re: Experience of part exchange

    Not on the same level as above but I part exchanged my daughters FR when , after 6 months he realised he could get the better of her, the final straw being when he dumped her on the road my position was, I needed a safe pony for my daughter, yet had to get rid of a pony who I felt I could never sell on to another 'mum' without being honest, therefore had a pony that wouldn't sell. I went to a dealer and did a part exchange for a cackling wee pony. Was I out of pocket? Yes, but how could I put a price on my child's safety. Also, if i was to take into account the trailing round the country side in time and fuel looking for a new pony I probably wasn't too bad off after all. And if you choose a respectable dealer you'll have some back up if you have any problems


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