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    Default Question. Kids ponies.

    Right, for some reason, best unknown to myself, have been riding a super little pony for a friend who needs to sell her. Had her now about 3 months almost. I won't go into specifics as I'm not advertising on here, but to say the pony is a Saint, would be an understatement. She is beyond safe.

    She's been advertised, and virtually had no-one out, which I cannot fathom.

    Pics which have been used, have been just 2 ridden ones in a school, one at a meet, one jumping out draghunting with the teenage daughter and a confo one. Plus a couple of videos of her walk/trot/canter/popping a jump and out in traffic.
    Which haven't worked, obviously.

    So, I was thinking, would a video of her doing all manner of 'spooky' or 'kid' stuff be useful to advertise her as that? She's not a 'pretty competition pony'...she is a native x hardy type, who will and can turn a hoof to whatever you want her to do, but ultimately, she is just that hens teeth old fashioned patent safe pony, if that makes sense?? Rather than just focusing on the 'basics' you'd see [ie, the normal ridden photos and walk/trot/canter videos], to use all the 'unproffessional' clips of her; like being ridden bareback, being jumped on, tacked up, caught and turned out, jumped on in a headcollar, round the world, cantering and being ridden no hands, flapping around on her, going down next the motorway etc?.

    If you were looking, would clips like that put you off at all as they are slightly more 'unprofessional', or not?

    Cheery coke and cookies for all!

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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    I'm not sure about the video idea but how long has she been advertised for? It's not a great time of year for selling so that may be why there has been so little interest!

    Also her price may come into it, too little and buyers will assume she's not genuine, too much and many will just not be interested.

    Are you able to get some footage of her hunting? At PC? Competing? etc

    Where is she advertised? Might be worth putting her on the PC website and also spread the word around you local PC.
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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    Maybe not in photos - a nice ridden one and nice confo is always s good start but maybe video. I bought a pony from a video once, the video they sent (it was a while ago!) - on first viewing, looked like she came from a mad house, screaming children everywhere, loose dogs racing around including a rotty that chased the pony in the school at one point barking! tractors vooming around, it was crazy. I thought how stupid that they didn't clear everyone out to make a proper video but my much more experienced friend who was helping rightly pointed out they'd set up every 'tricky' situation they could think of to prove how sweet she was! Made the decision easier for me and she was as good as the video made out!
    It certainly can't hurt

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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    When we were looking the thing that put me off some ponies was the fact they were ridden by teenagers or small adults. I would rather see them being ridden by a child. Also where are you advertising?
    The pony we bought in the end was advertised at the bottom of another ponies ad. It simply said 'Also little brown pony would suit lead rein or first ridden.' The thing that finally sold her to me on the day was when she was being ridden up the road her 3 field companions came galloping up the other side of the hedge and she ignored them.
    Can you get her out to pony club activities, word of mouth is also a very useful selling tool with these type of ponies.

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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    That's the problem, she's never been a 'pony club' pony as such. She's always been a kids pony, but just not a 'pony club' one. She's just been a family pony, so is an 'all rounder', but never been a competition allrounder if that makes sense? Have all manner of things collected of her doing absolutely everything, as she's just been a happy hacker anywhere, jumped at home and then just all the 'fun' kid stuff they end up doing [clambering on her out in the field in a headcollar and riding her round, child building all manner of 'interesting' fences and jumping her over them, and just generally, child just left to it with her...which is why I'd say kids pony].

    We said to get her out hunting at the start of this season just to see her out and about, so she went out quite a few times and have references for her, piccies and a few videos which is what we've been using. She's no different whereever she is but rarely have transport as always hire it to go anywhere, hence her never really being a 'competition' pony, just a family pony. All her adverts have been geared towards safety, as opposed to competing...which I suppose limits it somewhat?

    Her price, I think, is right...maybe slightly low, but have dropped it since the original price as thought maybe it was too high?

    Rider wise, she just doesn't have one anymore which is why I've been riding her sometimes. She's not 'little', she about 13.1hh [so the most unwanted height to throw into as well!] and a chunky build. She gets ridden weekends by the 13 year old, and I hack her about or lead her off my boy in the week. On weekends, she regularly just appears at lunchtime with the daughter in the front garden and tied to the tree or turned out in the garden lol. I've tried rider adverts locally to find a 'young' child for her, but with the evenings getting dark now, there's just been no interest for that either, and for a pony that's being sold.

    Did check the PC website, but it's quite pricey on there if I recall. She's been on horsemart previously, our FB page with the cobs, locally on fb, preloved, horsegossip, trade-it etc.

    Thankyou...made me think about a few things!
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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    PC website is definitely worth the price. Our 12hander went to the perfect home within a week of advertising to the first people who came to view him, had about 10 calls within a week!

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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    Where abouts are u advertising her, when i advertised my tb filly on horsemart, i kept rearranging the ad everyday this made it new, and kept it at the front of recent ads and i sold her within 10 days. Just an idea.

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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    Quote Originally Posted by EllieandGeorge View Post
    PC website is definitely worth the price. Our 12hander went to the perfect home within a week of advertising to the first people who came to view him, had about 10 calls within a week!
    Agree with the above, the pony club website is definitely one i would look at first. They dont have to be little competition ponies, just good honest allrounders.

    Good luck with her, she sounds perfect.

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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    Fab, thankyou. She was on Horsemart up until the end of November and October...but not on there currently this month. I've put her up on every free site and through work, word of mouth etc.

    I've used the PC classifieds myself a few years back with success too...just me personally as it's not 'my' horse, can't validate putting it up there, but I will certainly suggest it to them to maybe advertise her on there!

    Video done also now...see if it makes a difference or not!
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    Default Re: Question. Kids ponies.

    Well, if she hunts well, puts up with virtually anything with good humour and will happily pop round a courses of small fences, she would be in huge demand in our PC as a boy's pony to mess about on. Maybe really play up the hunting as well if she was a star...


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