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    Unhappy Saying goodbye to a pony of 13 years

    Last weekend we parted from a much loved family 'pet' Lego.
    Lego has been a part of our family for 13 years after my mum sold her Arab to buy LEgo for my sister, sadly my sister lost interest soon after and he was left untouched until this year. He had spent the last 11 year eating grass and being a very funny, loving family pony. He has taken our 38yr old pony under his wing well in fact he didn't want anyone else near him, Winston was his.
    We decided to bring him back into work this summer as I had started riding again and bought a tb so Mum had something for us to ride out on. LEgo was a beut to lunge as he is a British Show Pony so is all prancy and posh! But sadly this means he has small strides and isn't a very comfy ride for an adult and was a figit to get on! We decided that it was un fair for us to ask him of work after 11 od years as he thought his job was to eat grass and our only job was to feed him! So he wasn't very keen for us to ride him.
    Anyway Lego has gone off to his new home to be a working hunter and to show in hand (what he's bred to do ), was very sad to let him go, but it's nice to know he's being worked as he is gorgeous and lovely! There was many tears on the way home but we want another child or young person to love him like we did, and they do he's got a lovely new owner!

    Lego (left) and Hunter saying goodbye

    Lego being loaded

    LEgo in his new home all relaxed and in mud

    Me and Mum kept worrying whether we were being selfish letting him go so my Mum could have a horse to ride and show but he's in a lovely home and I've asked for a lot of contact.

    Do miss him though, very lonely field without him

    But how many horses can you keep as pets? (they're quite expensive!)

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    Default Re: Saying goodbye to a pony of 13 years

    we did for years until they go usually. Hows your other chap coping??

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    Default Re: Saying goodbye to a pony of 13 years

    I assume you have Hunter and Winston now? How is Winston/ I'm worried about the chap, I would not have been able to do that in winter with a 38 year old. Is he well bonded to the other horse Hunter?

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    Default Re: Saying goodbye to a pony of 13 years

    My two are pets. Both also have a ridden job, but that's coincidental really. When daughters is outgrown I'll do my best to find a jockey, if not I'll drive her. How's the old pony coping?


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