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    Default hay (east lothian)

    Right just wondered if anyone knows anywhere in east Lothian area that sells decent quality hay in round bales. Would be looking for around 10 I reckon.
    The choice of hay or haylage is included in our livery. But my mare is allergic to haylage so needs to be fed hay. The last bale or so has been really poor quality. So i complained and we picked up a onther bale from somewhere different farm. Problem is that he doesn't know I'd he will have enough to supply us and yo said that it was too expensive so won't go there again. Price to me was fine for the quality so thinking of just getting my own. But wondered if anyone knew anyone who has and would be willing to supply us and also to what price you pay for a large bale
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: hay (east lothian)

    Just jump in the car (preferably an old and tatty one!) and drive round the local farms.
    Be polite and ask nicely, you might be surpised.

    Expect to pay 25 for OK bog standard hay in round bale, or 35 for really nice stuff.

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    central saddlery.. 37.50 a round bale very good quality free delivery on orders over 200 pounds


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