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    Default NETTEX Feather Mite Powder - Reviews

    Anyone used this before? What did you think of it? Did it work?

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions!

    My hairy girl has horrid scabby feather mites. These cause her no problems, eg. she doesnt stamp and they dont bleed. I think they bother me more than her. Thought I would give this a go as they keep coming back and Frontline Spray really is quite expensive when using it on the ammount of feather we have!

    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: NETTEX Feather Mite Powder - Reviews

    Not used but we use front line but then not the spray but the pipettes as it is difficult with all the feathers on our heavy horse, however if you get the pipettes, get someone else to hold the leg and let the hoof dangle down a bit, drip the frontline straight on the skin, only need a small amount on the back of each leg. Good luck

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    Default Re: NETTEX Feather Mite Powder - Reviews

    If you Google "diatomaceous earth" you'll get a lot of info - this is what the Nettex powder basically is!
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    Default Re: NETTEX Feather Mite Powder - Reviews

    It's really tricky to apply and a complete non-starter if you've got lots of feather. Don't know how effective it is if you actually manage to get any on the skin!

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    Default Re: NETTEX Feather Mite Powder - Reviews

    i would get a skin scrape done by a vet so you know what you are dealing with - could be mallenders ? If it's skin mites he might need an injection (can't remember the name) as well as other treatment.

    For prevention, use pig oil and sulphur. Hope that helps

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    Default Re: NETTEX Feather Mite Powder - Reviews

    WOuld highly recommend asking your vet about the injection. Solved the problem we had with our mare realy well


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