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    Default Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    Random question I know!

    I have just watched something on TV and a girl had a horse in her bedroom. That sparked the conversation between me and OH whether or not horses could walk up and down stairs?

    I can imagine they could get up, but can they get down? I talking a flight of stairs, not the odd step. Thanks
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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    Wouldn't have a clue, but would have thought so...? What where you watching?! :-)

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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    House stairs....up yes....down no sure they no.

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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    There was a situation on one of the rescue programmes some years ago, riders got caught by a rapidly rising tide while riding on a beach, they managed to get to a building and up the steps to safety, the horses went up no problem but could not get down once the tide went out, I think the rescuers had to build some kind of ramp to get the horses down, they cannot walk down proper steps such as a staircase.

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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    your question......... I just immagened the old cowboy films where the horses and riders go up and down, what seems like mountains...... so guess the answer to your question is yes they can go up and down 'stairs' may be not as well stepped as a human, but yes!!

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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    Well, when we were kids there was a pony in the village that we used to ride and the owner kept it in their back garden a lot of the time (it was a small 12hh pony and gthe 'garden' was a small paddock really). The access to this was down the side of the house and down some steps and this is how we got the pony in and out. We never really thought about it really, he just did it!

    Also we went to trial a pony for my sister and the stables that was at they took him (and other horses I think) up and donw some steps to get there. Whether I's want to take a horse up and down steps in a house but then I guess a dog can do it and if the pony in question is not much bigger than say a Great Dane than it wouldn't be any different?
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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    Perhaps the girl in question lived in a bungalow

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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    Yes. I've taken (my admittedly very surefooted and careful) cob up and down stairs. We have to go down shallow wide steps daily and have clambered up and down a fairly steep railway-sleeper set of steps to get home before dark. Roo would have fallen over and rolled to the bottom (cos he's a clumsy oaf) but Piper tootled up and down them no problem.

    But a flight of human indoor steps?: up easily but down, only just, if the surface was grippy and I certainly wouldn't try it unless it was essential.

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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    A mini can go down stairs

    Bigger horse = bigger stairs
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    Default Re: Can horses walk up and down stairs????

    I seem to recall a debate about this years ago, can't quite remember what sparked it or what the out come was but I think there was some resolution that they could go one way but not the other, but thinking about xc and knowing about H&H threads, that may well have been about cows as they have funny knees!! I do know and am pretty sure I learnt it originally on here, that it is traditionally good luck to walk a horse through your new home
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